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3 Toxic Things to Remove From Your Home

3 Toxic Things to Remove from your Home

  • Anti-bacterial soaps

  • Store-bought Mouthwash

  • Anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer

Using these while pregnant can result in irreversible neurological and reproductive damage to the fetus. Scary stuff!

Letting a baby or toddler be exposed to it will cause learning difficulties, auto-immune disorders, and possible cancer and autism. The ingredient that causes this in these products is called Triclosan. Look for it also in dish detergents, deodorants, toothpastes, soaps, surgical scrubs and hand washes in hospitals.

Some great non-toxic all-natural alternatives:

Make your own mouthwash

Mix equal amounts of witch hazel and water in a small bottle (5-8 oz.), then add some food-grade peppermint, spearmint, pine, spruce, or juniper berry essential oils to the mix (max. 15 drops total). Shake it well before using.

It’s super effective and totally natural! Only let a child who is old enough to spit use this mouthwash. A child should never swallow even natural mouthwash.

A plain bar of soap (Rocky Mountain Soap company makes great soap), or Dr. Bronner’s castile soap works great for getting germs off when washing hands. Both are totally natural. Dr Bronner’s smells wonderful, my favorite natural scent is lavender.

A substitute for anti-bacterial wipes, baby wipes, or hand sanitizers

Cut a paper towel roll in half or some old T-shirts or re-usable bamboo "paper" towels cut up with this mixture (leaving out the soap if you're making baby wipes):

1 ¾ c. water

1 TB of plain aloe vera

1 TB Witch Hazel

1 tsp Liquid Castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s is castile soap)

1 tsp olive oil or almond oil or jojoba oil

6 drops of organic lavender essential oil (or the scent of your choice)

Pour the mixture over the towels until they are "wet/damp" but not sopping wet. Store in a sealed container. These wipes will last about 5-7 days, but it’s an easy recipe to whip up quick.

Try making your own natural alternatives today! Let me know how it goes.




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