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My Favorite Pure Cosmetics for Healthy, Glowing Skin!

Rosemary's Favorite Pure Cosmetics

I have put together a gorgeous list of completely pure, non-toxic, earth-friendly (some vegan) cosmetics and personal care products that I LOVE!

I have used all of these products and love having glowing, healthy skin from using them.

This is the real deal, folks! These cosmetics are as pure and clean from cancer-causing chemicals as you can get today. Many of them have only a few ingredients.

Cosmetic companies are not required to list every ingredient. But I've chosen products that have been tested by an independent non-profit organization called Skin Deep. For most of you, almost every cosmetic in your bathroom could have cancer-causing chemicals in them. Plus, a lot of cosmetics have chemicals that cause reproductive issues. So if you're having trouble conceiving, this is super important.

I'm all for simplifying your beauty routine.

I'm pretty low maintenance, can you tell?

But for those of you out there that love looking gorgeous in a new shade of eye shadow or having beautiful glossy lips, this guide is for you!

Of course, for the basics, like face wash and make-up remover, I go very simple and clean. Don't mess with nature, girl.

And, if you are over a certain age (ahem!), be careful of those anti-aging creams. They are full of cancer-causing ingredients! I've picked a pure product for my anti-aging cream. And I love using it.

You can get my guide today. Start treating your skin with the care and love it deserves! Click on the image below to purchase($2.99)!


Click on the image!

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