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Healthy Organic Fabric For Eczema Babies!

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The lovely fabric at Organic Cotton Plus is 100% Organic fabric dyed with vegetable dyes! I found out about this amazing virtual fabric store when Matthew was a baby. I ordered some gorgeous elephant flannel fabric & organic cotton jersey fabric to make him some soft pajamas. The fabric completely exceeded my expectations! I went on to make 2 baby blankets with the extra fabric for a dear friend. Their customer service was great and it shipped to Canada within about 2 weeks.

Why buy organic cotton fabric? Organic means that the cotton crops are not sprayed with highly toxic cancer-causing pesticides/herbicides. These chemicals are persistent in the environment for 20 years (or more). Eczema babies do not need any more toxins being added to their skin. Organic is always better. And typically, organic fabric/clothing are not dyed with toxic dyes. This fabric is only dyed with vegetable-based dyes. But, organic clothing is usually very, very expensive. I try to find organic clothing used at Once Upon a Child stores, but they are few and far between.

Perhaps you are worried you're not up to the challenge of sewing? I was a total newbie, and although the pajamas were not the most beautiful things you had ever seen, they did fit my son and served their purpose. My thought was, as long as he's getting totally healthy fabric against his skin at nighttime, then I've done my job. Even if they're not pretty (which they weren't!). I bought a pajama pattern on Amazon for his size, then went from there. They always have explicit instructions in the patterns for how to cut & put together the pieces.

Organic Cotton Plus' fabric would be amazing for lots of baby products that are easy to make:

- blankets for Baby's bed

- swaddling blankets

- receiving blankets

- maybe a simple cover for the toxic foam car seat upholstery

- crib sheets (yes, they have sateen cotton, perfect for sheets)

- kimono-style shirts (really easy to make)

- a soft organic play-mat with thick flannel

Please note: I am an affiliate of Organic Cotton Plus. I receive a small commission each time you purchase using my links. Your overall cost does not increase. I have used their products and am so impressed with the service & quality that I want to support them because I loved the fabric.

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