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Working with nature

Do you garden with your little one? It's a really fun experience, and growing your own food can be so fulfilling! Matthew and I have been gardening together since he was 18 months old! He recognizes so many different types of bugs, and knows which plants he can eat by himself. I find his moods are so much calmer after spending an hour or two gardening, digging, playing in sand in the sun, or just having a picnic on our grass. The power of Vitamin D! This year we planted lots of lettuce, arugula, kale, potatoes, 15 tomato plants (yikes!), nasturtiums, calendula (for making skin balms), sorrel, asparagus, carrots, parsley, dill, and fennel. We only have about 80 sq. ft. of growing space, but you can fit quite a lot in there!

Lettuce is the easiest and most rewarding plant to grow, it will mature in less than a month (in some cases) and the flavor is out of this world! Give it a try this year, even if you have just a balcony to do it on. You can grow lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, carrots, and so many other plants in pots or planter boxes. Happy gardening!

Check out my e-book (Grow A Salad in Your City Apartment) helping you learn gardening for a city gal! This is a gardening for dummies book with all of my experience with veggie gardening, the best and easiest plants to grow in containers + lots of apartment tips.It includes:

  • How to grow Juicy Tomatoes + Easy Varieties

  • Best Stores to buy plants from + How to Grow from Seed

  • Transplanting Tips

  • Where to Get Organic Heirloom Seeds

  • Growing Inside & Outside

  • Tips for Protecting Plants from Extreme Weather

  • Low-Maintenance Salad Greens Varieties

Get your copy today:

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