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Healing Mama Time & How to Overcome SAD

I live in Canada. Where it's SUPER cold in wintertime. And it's darker for more hours than anywhere else in the world (okay, except for Alaska, Russia, and Norway). Lots of darkness. Lots of cold. No wonder many of us get SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder).

In winter, the darkness tends to make you feel like only eating and sleeping. Like a bear hibernating.

But this last December, I changed that. I discovered Ali Kamenova's yoga videos (click the link!) and made a commitment to practicing every other day. Then in February, I switched to practicing 30 minutes every day. The results I've been having are fabulous!

Ali Kamenova is a beautiful person, inside and out. She always has gentle, kind words for us while doing the workouts. Her voice is very soothing, like a meditation recording. Her many videos are all different with an amazing variety of routines and flows. Sometimes she does HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), other times Hot yoga, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), advanced balance positions, sometimes she focuses on legs, abs, or just cardio. She posts all of her videos for free on YouTube. On her website, she offers a flash drive of lots of her classes or a 6 month membership, I believe. So check that out as well.

I actually get a little choked up about her generosity and open heart, because she has made my life so much better. Her videos have got me motivated and excited about doing yoga in my own living room. And I've stuck with it, unlike other yoga programs. Every day I look forward to feeling happy and stronger than yesterday after my workout with her. It feels like working out with a best friend! This year, my wintertime mood was better and my body is stronger.

When I'm having a trying day, as many Mamas can relate to, her videos are so grounding and empowering. For me, it's almost like going to the spa. No, it's better, because I didn't spend money on a treatment that won't really make me look younger or give me lasting benefits. Yoga is the answer!

Typically I am a pretty lazy person (or busy person?) when it comes to exercise. I make a multitude of excuses in my head when it really comes down to getting that butt in the spinning class bike seat. I find exercise can be boring when it involves repetitive routines. Yoga is an integrated part of my life now, and I can't imagine feeling calm and centered without it.

I had chronic back pain from a car accident for 9 years, and after practicing yoga regularly, I have no pain. All that was required was strengthening the core muscles to help the back renew and heal itself. Sounds simple, but I've put many sweaty hours in to make that happen.

Yoga is not just a way to get fit, it gives me a sense of being present with my body, listening to how it feels, and focusing on one movement at a time.

It takes me out of the day-to-day tasks that my brain is too focused on. It releases tension from being stressed and worried. It's the best Mama Time that I can ask for.

Take some time today to try one of Ali's videos. You will feel incredible afterwards.

I really want to give back to her by mentioning her here. I am not an affiliate of Ali's, I am just a SUPERFAN.


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