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Giving Thanks

It is Canadian Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Today, and every day, I am grateful for:

- My soulmate and husband

- My beautiful, amazing son

- My cozy home with many handmade things inside of it.

- Delicious coffee and sourdough every morning...mmmm

- Our weekly farm box from a local Organic & Biodynamic farmer.

- My family, especially my parents and in-laws.

- The gorgeous sunshine that warms my heart and gives me energy and vitality.

- All of the experiences in my life that have led up to this blessed life that I lead.

Every morning, my husband and I share what we're grateful for and what we are doing today. I am so happy that we have continued doing this for almost 10 years now. My life is infinitely better and brighter because of him


Sending happiness and peace to you and your family.



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