My Family's Eczema Story


When my baby was 5 months old he was diagnosed with eczema. I had no clue how to solve it. But I tried so many things.

My heart wanted so much to heal my sweet baby boy. After following the prescriptions & advice of my doctors and pharmacists with no success, I tried some natural healing treatments that worked. 


I was determined to find partners in healing who do evidence-based Whole Body Healing.


Fixing what is happening inside not just the surface of the skin. I consulted with a variety of different Board Certified professionals. Although a few of them helped to alleviate some of Matthew’s symptoms, I found the root cause.


It was through my efforts that my baby's eczema was healed.


You can heal your child's eczema too.


I believe in the power of a Mama's intuition & healing skills. But you need the right natural therapies that are well-researched & suited to your family's unique situation.  


My book, The Natural Mama's Guide to Eczema is a detailed, practical guidebook for parents of babies and toddlers who want to find a natural eczema treatment other than steroids. I spent years compiling data and medical studies to prove that eczema can be cured with natural methods.

My son is now six and has beautiful soft skin. He wants to be a woodworker when he grows up (like his Dad). Before becoming an author, I worked in personal development and leadership training for over 10 years. I helped people see possibilities in their lives. Now, our family lives on 15 acres in rural British Columbia. You can read some of my latest work in Mother Earth News and my new blog Rosemary Pure Living.

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