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Hi, I'm Rosemary!

I'm a Mama, traditional foods chef, artist, and published author. I love exploring traditional recipes, healing ailments with food and herbs, and teaching others about natural living! I'm pretty hard-core crunchy, but I try to adjust my recipes + articles for the average Mama who's pressed for time. You can read about my son's eczema story (below) + the book I wrote about it.  Join me on this journey!

The Natural Mama's Guide to Eczema

by Rosemary Hansen

Now in Paperback!

Eczema treatment for babies
Natural eczema treatment for babies
natural eczema treatment

This is a story of a mother who never gave up. In this inspiring and eye-opening book, Rosemary Hansen takes us into her home and tells the amazing story of healing her baby's eczema.


After two years of struggling with severe eczema, Matthew's eczema was healed. Rosemary discovered her baby's healing could only happen from inside of his immune system and gut. Based on years of meticulous research and data collection, she shows us how to introduce all of the natural therapies and home remedies to cure eczema.

Rosemary takes us through real, whole foods to introduce to Baby, inflammation reducing foods, beautiful local produce and meat and how to get it, probiotics and prebiotics, and breastfeeding. She shows us eczema triggers and simple ways to instantly eliminate them and have a healthier home. Her remarkable knowledge of topical creams and treatments help us to understand what's best for eczema skin. Rosemary will arm you with the tools to have victory over eczema and get back that beautiful baby-soft skin.

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