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What are these videos about? How do they help a family with Eczema?


I discovered an inexpensive and easy way to block my son from scratching his arms and legs day and night. This is a method I created myself that no one else has ever done. In these videos, I will show you exactly how to sew Sock-Gloves on to your baby's onesie and how to sew Baby's socks onto her pants so that she doesn't scratch her shins (like my son did). Total costs for the supplies + socks=about $10. I have seen some Eczema shirts with built-in gloves for over $40! Plus, I will also show you how to easily hammer in Snaps into your baby's Sock-Gloves so that you can take the gloves on and off. Please don't be intimidated by the mention of sewing or hammering, both methods are very easy to do. 


Sewing the Sock-Gloves is a more permanent method, and is best for pajamas and night-time scratching. Hammering in snaps makes it easy to take the gloves on and off, so that Babe can play with food with her hands, and then have a nap and not scratch. The Hammer Snap Gloves were truly a God send for me, they allowed me to change my son's shirts frequently (when there was a diaper blowout!) and still have interchangeable No-Scratch gloves that he could wear.


Blocking Scratch Zones 1

How To: Sew Sock Gloves
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Blocking Scratch Zones 2

How To: Sew Socks on Pants
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Blocking Scratch Zones 3

Hammering Snaps
For Sock Gloves
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The benefits of making yogurt at home are many:

  • Billions/trillions of probiotic bacteria versus the storebought (which are not batch tested and therefore will have much less benefit)

  • Better than popping a probiotic pill

  • Cheaper!

  • Very easy to do and to maintain,

  • The best healthy product for your family and eczema Babe.

  • Oh, and plus, it's delicious!

Come on over to Rosemary's Kitchen & learn how!

How to Make Super Probiotic Yogurt at Home!